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We can work together to trump odds and succeed!
It is really simple. We invite you to have a dialogue with us.

Step 1

Convince your friends and family that you are not unemployed but really an entrepreneur and a tycoon in the making.

Step 2

Do you have an idea. Are you up to something that has not been done before. Or are you planning to do something that needs to be done but faster, better, cheaper and more effectively. Are you building the next disruptive business. If yes, Lets Talk.

Step 3

Send us your idea to review. We don’t care in what form, it just should be able to communicate your vision effectively and catch our attention. It is that simple.

Step 4

If we like what you have to say we will invite you to meet with us. We may take you out to the golf course so bring your A-game.

Step 5

If we think there is a match. We will move fairly quickly. We will make you an offer. Great ready for the game changing experience.

Step 6

Say “Yes” and we make a brighter future for all of us.

NDA: we do not sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). We receive so many plans each week that if we signed every NDA request, we would quickly be overwhelmed with legal documentation. for entrepreneurs who are concerned about protecting their idea, Guy Kawasaki has an excellent summary of NDAs in this article from Forbes magazine.

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